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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 20:35

Trench wins in Nisibis Municipal Employees Arrested

Trench wins in Nisibis Municipal Employees Arrested
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Mardin Nusaybin the PKK's youth structure of pseudo-h by YDG detained for allegedly helping a ditch dug in Nusaybin Municipality scoop operator was arrested.

Mardin news: Photo of Mardin in a statement from the Police Department , Nusaybin , Barracks Quarter, Bob Street over the pilgrims that the cemetery next to vehicles crossing the block in order to pit the scene upon receiving information that excavated shipped the team with armor vehicles , he said. The statement, \"on Bob Street had burned tires on the streets of about 25-30 people activist groups and orders to disperse the activists group made ​​buzzers , our police officers by failing to observe the warning and duly upon the presence of stones and fireworks attacks on vehicles , restrained and proportionate way in gas the group intervention result pilgrims ( Kanika ) Cemetery is provided distraction direction. Photo Activist our district which is considered the group distributed the then excavated with machines in the research result Barracks Quarter, Bob Street over the Pilgrims ( Kanika ) a residence in front of the cemetery entrance about (50 ) cm in depth 1 meter wide, 3 meters in length where the pit , still 1 meter wide at a depth of about 50 cm in front of a residence on Bob Street 3 meters in length where the pits , Bostanci in the Light Leader Street intersection with Street 1.5 meters wide, 1 meter depth of 7-8 meters long pit have been identified where \"the statement said . Photo Events related to municipal following was recorded in the statement arrest scoop operator:Photo \"during the research related pits Nusaybin , Moryakup neighborhood located on Republic Square district is understood that parked in a bucket in front of the Agriculture Directorate on the question have concluded that the pit was dug with the shovel, our staff went beside the bucket hE ( 40 ) is a result of interviews conducted with individuals ; \"The question scoop Nusaybin that it belongs to municipalities , Our Town Barracks Quarter that Bob Street to dig Located on the pit tomb pilgrims in the face of this went to the cemetery with a Molotov cocktail in hand off 5-6 person threatening force kazdır , but on the subject is to inform the police \"statement to the said bucket operator on H is cruising to close pits excavated were escorted by party görevlilerimiz whereas they have been made ​​in the search for our officers on the streets and fireworks attacks on vehicles with gas interventions made by our staff persons distributed pits after closing HE is arrested and issued with documents about the investigations party , Mardin E Type Closed Prison were handed over to the Institute of Directors. \"

Trench wins in Nisibis Municipal Employees Arrested" comments for.


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