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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:54

Sirnak Art Street Refreshing

Sirnak Art Street Refreshing
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Sirnak Council renews the Street Art of the city's busiest streets.

Şırnak news: Photo Şırnak Mayor Serhat kadirhan citizens'concerns about the deterioration of the street is unnecessary , because after laying mortar and concrete materials used would not use any distortion. Kadirhan , \"We are us continue our work on days when the weather is nice . We want to continue our work to the extent that climate conditions allow . Art Street was creating particular floor very big problem about . Us changing , we have decided on a way to design . We do the following applications. The reactions from so far in this way , people are a little winter conditions , the fact that air is cold and the other streets are complaining so corruption but because we do we practice concrete mortar used cold , you do not actually have much effect rain. ground seated condition. We are correcting according to the materials we have used the following on the ground and do the practice . in that sense, the citizens in mind I stayed for the winter , is the problem happen again in winter conditions'need not be like experiencing a doubt. Because , winters cold rain is not a material to be broken. he finished sense, probably next weekend here we fully intend to get out of here . the city apart We have never been studies on bulk materials in various areas of the road . Material to the ways in which we could not have saved them from pouring mud. Our work in progress Gundogdu neighborhood as the density there. Our hardwood flooring work is still ongoing . Our team finished in a few days there in the neighborhood will turn to another area out there new neighborhood , \"he said .


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