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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:14

School Start Vaccination Studies

School Start Vaccination Studies
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Sirnak , Directorate of Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health Infectious Diseases school vaccines organized by the Directorate launched across the city .

Şırnak news: Photo Elementary 1st grade students to measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria , acellular pertussis , tetanus, inactivated polio vaccine with middle school 8th grade students diphtheria, tetanus ) vaccine Şırnak Provincial Public Health due to Public Health began to be made Centres established by the vaccination teams . Provincial Public Health Director Dr. Muhsin Khayyam , the envoy of vaccines , vaccine-preventable infectious diseases said that the most effective prevention tool . Dr. Acts , \"When Illness passed hospitalizations , medication use, which may be the material and spiritual adversities such as the loss of labor , and when the vaccinated does not stay back , both can be taken in front of both of these diseases at work, maybe it is treated very mild side effects . Although some course with diseases passed when disease-specific findings disease progression on/after may be disability and death. thanks However vaccines is possible to encounter such a bad result . is being asked by health care professionals whether there is an obstacle to vaccine prior to vaccination , there is need to be specified by the vaccine is that the person or guardian. these previously after vaccination are given the decision to be made by a physician that the vaccine is no longer the person concerned. parents about side effects that may occur after the immunization vaccine should receive information from practicing medical staff , \"he said .

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