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  • 05 Aralık 2015, Cumartesi 12:40

Russia is using the "Pravda weapon"

Russia is using the
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The Moscow administration, like the one in the Ukrainian crisis, is using the propaganda tool "Pravda journalism" of the Cold War period after the Su-24 plane was dropped because it was violating the border.

Russian Sputnik News Agency wrote that Ambassador Mattei, France's Permanent Representative to NATO, said that "Turkey has undermined the operations against the fight against the EEŞ", Mattei said the report was "fabricated"

"The media of Pravda" claimed that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's son Bilal Erdogan had taken photographs with members of the terrorist organization EAST. Bilal Erdoğan's bearded people appeared to be Kamber siblings of restaurant owners

Russian commanders claimed that the terrorist organization EEŞ sold oil over Turkey, showing routes with maps. It was understood that it was under the control of the Assad regime and the PYD, which was supported by Moscow administration, to control the alleged routes of shipment

Propaganda specialist Gatov:

"Russian state TVs are now putting the pretenses that they have made in Ukraine into practice for Syria"

European External Relations Council expert Wilson:

"The only message given by Pravda journalism is to support Russia's position in Ukraine and Syria, to create confusion outside the country"

Russia, in line with its political interests, has put the "Pravda news" on the propaganda system in the Cold War era for Turkey after Ukraine.

Since the establishment of the Soviet Union, the newspapers have been described as "propaganda, agitation and organizer for society." The Soviet media, based on this tradition, was used as the most effective weapon in the political, economic, cultural and ideological fields to carry out the propaganda of the Cold War era.

The Russians made it possible to direct the people during the Union period, to reflect the facts in the interests of the administration, and most importantly to live the communism with Pravdagazetesi, the official organ of the Communist Party Central Committee. What this journal writes is described as "Pravda lies" in a developing society.

The continuation of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation "Pravda tradition" continues today.

The Russian press, which was inaugurated after the fall of the Russian war plane because of violation of the airspace of Turkey, acted in order to keep social consciousness under control and to confuse the public in the public opinion.

The Moscow administration almost started writing a screenplay, television and newspapers.

The Russian press went into the airplane crisis to propagate the fact that the water-24, which had been lowered before, did not violate the border, but when it came to reports against America and international organizations, especially Turkey, it started not to bring that claim anymore.

Russia is using the "Pravda weapon"" comments for.


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