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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 12:37

Regional Amateur League

Regional Amateur League
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Regional Amateur League ( BAL) struggling Cizrespor coach John Unal, Ziraat Turkey Cup Göztepespor said he desired to reduce shadows of success after their 2-0 defeat .

Şırnak news: Regional Amateur League ( BAL) struggling Cizrespor coach John Unal, Ziraat Turkey Cup Göztepespor said he desired to reduce shadows of success after their 2-0 defeat . Photo Göztepespor of Agriculture, Turkey Cup, beating the rest of the group Cizrespor , Haskovo Yıldızsp began preparations for the match they will encounter on Sunday. Coach John Unal management prepared in Cizrespor game did not escape the attention of the players being cheerful . Photo stating that occur after Goztepe win a lot of confidence in the players and get to the next level of motivation Unal , said they were playing for the championship. After the victory achieved in the face Göztepesp some media organs concerned with Cizresp to shadowed the Cizrespor's success with the reports and statements required that expresses Unal, expressed not overshadow anyone that achievements . Unal description said:Photo \"Cizrespor , because of the beautiful game they play in Göztepesp match I thank both team players . But my team obtained whether touted unpleasant behavior while achieving some success in trying to reduce shade to this success. But this child labor to and obtained they can not drop any person shadow of this success and düşüremeyecektir . also the answer to that I'll give in , we group match and will be well everyone witnesses. we have a great audience. the home team will surely be a spectator edition of . our audience as he showed the pressure . on the pitch footballers were defeated Göztepespor throwing two touchdown showing a terrific fight . you perceive any person in a bad way this win . reflecting on the people press their personal ideas by interpreting these match the bad behavior they overshadow our success , but no one will not overshadow our success. fiery behind the owner's home in football If there is an audience will establish an absolute pressure . But this edition of the team coming here for no reason , and especially Aydınspor , no sir no Turkish flag, national anthem as they shadow our success with behavior unread. Match we play with the players in Izmir Göztepesp team won the match by a score of showing what a terrific fight . However, the match continued Aydınspor next scenario again . But we will destroy this scenario and it is not something we'll show you all to Turkey . Because they deserve this win the fight they showed in football my field . \"Photo Cizrespor's gained the date due to the success explaining that this team experienced great joy as a teacher Unal,\"because by fighting wholeheartedly players hurt that I run an amateur mentality and unprofessional they managed to stay in acting groups. We have Cizre and one amateur league team remaining in the group on Agriculture, Turkey Cup Turkey. I am very happy that we have achieved in this success. This success in Cizre people and would like a gift to the people all over Southeast . Select a large team in the hope of this group may choose Fenerbahce , Galatasaray could could Besiktas where we want to contemplate it , this sets this ring . As there are goals in the league Agriculture, Turkey Cup group match . Because we're playing in the amateur league championship and we're undefeated . We will put forward our best to get out of the fight all kinds of groups in Turkey Cup group match . Even if you play without hope group out in the quarter finals will be enough for us. \"Photo Unal, supporters of Agriculture, Turkey willingly leave the team owners and support in 12 matches to play in the Cup, \"After Fans match starts after and finished the match because they abandoned their pitch jumping behavior that show of affection teams and clubs , wreaking havoc damage , \"he said . Photo Unal management Haskovo in Cizrespor continued Yıldızsp match studies it was observed that footballers are cheerful, Ivory Coast footballer Serge Pacome was Djiehou and Moses joy of Turaor training. Photo

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