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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:15

Outgoing seized 45 Kalashnikov in Sirnak on Terrorist Organization

Outgoing seized 45 Kalashnikov in Sirnak on Terrorist Organization
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In an operation conducted by the gendarmerie terrorist organization PKK in Sirnak YDG-H youth structure required to be taken by 45 RPG-7 rocket launchers seized Kalashnikov 1 .

Şırnak news: Photo Sirnak Provincial Gendarmerie Command said in a statement about the incident made ​​by the two suspects caught specified. The statement, \"We have worked for the prevention of exercise is that SRS operations on Şırnak Gendarmerie 04 November 2014, the PKK/KCK senior management by the province of Sirnak youth operating in the Volga-Cizre-Silopi structures (HDW-H and KCK Public Security ) with militia and the information will be sent long-barreled weapons were to be distributed to cooperative parties , as a result of follow-up done , Idil District Pinarbasi of the roadside calls made by the gendarmerie wrapped the bag in 5 sacks condition with 45 Kalashnikov rifle 1 RPG-7 have been seized rocket launcher ammunition. incident named AS and MAI thought to be associated detained on the orders of the parties Prosecutor's Office has initiated a criminal investigation. PKK/KCK senior management of medical equipment they would send information via the collaborators to be given to SRS members operating in the province of Sirnak by taken , Sirnak province held on follow-up results Silopi district Derebasi village in search of the gendarmerie stopped and made ​​ME the direction of the person named 34 UK XXX was seized large quantities and different brands of medical equipment in the vehicle plate , Republic confiscated on the Prosecutor's instruction material was put into judicial investigation \"was said .
statement also Sirnak in the fight against trafficking Provincial Gendarmerie November 4, 2014 the date for the performance is the smuggling activities that £ 2 million in operating result for the prevention 2011 pcs smartphone , 29 thousand 590 packets were reportedly seized cigarettes. the statement, \"Sirnak central district Kasrik Gendarmerie Path checked and stopped at the search point AY 73 XX XX direction of a person named in the instrument plate made ​​to control vehicle hidden in various places , in various models and brands in the market value of about £ 2 million which was seized 2011 pieces smart mobile phone . Republic confiscated on the instructions of the public prosecutor's office has begun a criminal investigation materials . Province of Sirnak Silopi the Derebasi village and stopped at the road check point in the search path position AT 73 XX XX direction of a person named in the vehicle control plate made ​​of 29 thousand 590 packages were seized in various brands of cigarettes. Republic Prosecutor's Office has seized upon the instruction of the material was put into prison by the judicial authorities arrested person is removed \"expressions were used .


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