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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:16

Organ Donation Week Activities in Şırnak

Organ Donation Week Activities in Şırnak
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Sirnak , thus Organ Donation Week of November 3 to 9 were informed citizens stand opened .

Şırnak news: Photo nurse in charge of the booth opened in Sirnak Berrin Yilmaz Republic Square , the public about organ donation and transplantation , said they invited us to be more responsive. Which cases and how it will be enacted in the year 1979 2238 No. Organ and tissue removal of organs in the organ donation , Yilmaz explaining clearly the Law on Preservation and Transplantation stated , \"According to this law the age of 18 and all of the all organs compos mentis or a you can donate part . There is no objection, from the religious aspects of organ donation . endorses the All major religions of organ donation and support . Koran in the Quran:\"Whoever one saved a life all its people to life vermişçe the reward will gain \"statement is when . Minister of Religious Affairs the High Council has announced that it is permissible of organ transplants. the hope for the future with organ donation . the research result is indicative of having the organ donation according to the statistics world rankings Turkey to take part in the last row of sufficient knowledge in this regard our people. our main goal in our opening this stands our people to raise awareness and is to invite you to become sensitive. Turkey leads in the number of organ donation and transplant failure undergo treatment for end-stage organ failure in the loss of life that many patients awaiting organ . In the life expectancy and quality of the patient , the country's economy and said organ failure leading to heavy losses in the labor force is to protect the agenda as an important issue , it is aimed to increase the organ donation and transplant number , \"he said .


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