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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:53

Opened in Sirnak First Time Toy Library

Opened in Sirnak First Time Toy Library
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For the first time in Sirnak Little Hands Association and with the support toyzzshop toy library was opened.

Şırnak news: Sirnak the first time Little Hands Association and toyzzshop with contributions toy library was opened.
Multi-Purpose Community Centre (ÇATOM) , the center is located in Ankara Little Hands Association and toyzzshop with the contribution of Sirnak Orhan tame Secondary School created toys in the library kindergarten students , playing is developing itself . Sirnak of ÇATOM Taybet Babatunde , play and personal development of children in a healthy environment to spend the occasion of such a library is to be opened , he said. The neighborhood children in the park because there is such a thing very necessary and what is needed because they think all children toy libraries to benefit from work for voicing Babatunde , said:
\"On this occasion, the Ministry of Education and Little Hands Association, with the support of Orhan tame Secondary School'banana a class set , and we have organized . streets in unsanitary conditions of the children playing here routing're trying to . us of our staff under the supervision where personal development will contribute to the play with the toys the opportunity to give . Hopefully with this library children healthier , better in an environment amused and to the education by contributing time spend. several of our schools certain hours come here and play our children will be . a one kindergarten class here , never met their toys meet with , have fun, I had the opportunity . Sirnak various kindergartens students here have benefited . Sirnak across kindergartens also here to benefit will try to provide . \"< br/> Foundation Nursery Manager Veysel Karani Güngör , children want most of the place where the game environment due Sirnak toy library opening of themselves and their children in terms of something very beautiful , he said . Güngör, \"Children can not express themselves . Kids here play freely and development very important to us . Children at certain times of the game here, play and self-development for children, the better I think it was ,\"he said .
Toys kindergarten students coming to the library , they saw for the first time by playing with toys spends time under the guidance of their teachers .

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