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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:43

Kopani Walking in Beytüssebap

Kopani Walking in Beytüssebap
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Beytüssebap district of Sirnak , edited walk to Kopani .

Şırnak news: Photo District President DBP Beytüssebap large number of people gathered in front of the building , chanted slogans towards a walk to Republic Street. Republic Street, then walk ending , the press statement on behalf of the group studied HDPE Town Cinema co-chairman of Saban . Cinema indicating that when the day of the attack Isidor's Kobani'yi 48 ; \"48 day hearing of the violent attacks continues with the most modern and heavy weapons that they allocate the imperialist and hegemonic powers. Every day is losing its dozens of our people are living , who are forced to leave the land of innocent people , our situation is imprisoned in harsh weather conditions in tents. Our people our collective sensitivity and humanity collective conscience as it is so far to the Kopani resistance until henceforth Kopani liberation , the Middle East of all peoples and faith groups until recent massacre of enemy Isidor terrorists , we believe will continue to fight and support. we promise that we will continue to take place alongside this right of resistance , \"he said .
group quietly disbanded after the press release .

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