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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 14:23

Experts Warn Against Winter Illness

Experts Warn Against Winter Illness
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Botan Hospital operating in Cizre Cizre district Specialists Kemal Dural was found in warning about how young children should be cared for in the winter months .

Şırnak news: Photo Cizre, Botan Hospital Specialists Kemal Dural particularly important , he said of the long winter care of children up to the cold virus . Durali , \"they are the parents nearest subject , often as fever , colds, flu , influenza, infection, tonsillitis , throat infections , such as upper respiratory tract infections ( URTI) captured the general situation and to accompany otitis media or sinusitis also often painting negative affected are children who can not go to school. to react much of the immune system , failing to protect children himself , cold months, and childhood factors such as school environment, is caused to propagate the infection of upper respiratory tract . Babies can easily switch to everything they discover their hands and mouths so cold virus in your baby's body. colds can be especially in babies of winter, autumn and is kept in the house , because it spreads more rapidly from person to a virus people in the house. the average adult colds between 2 and 4 times a year when you migrate , the average child caught a cold from day care with year 6 to 10 times . to minimize this number , doctors and parents should take care of . Clinical presentation , various types encountered more often during the fall and winter seasons are caused by the common cold virus begins as a simple rhinitis . Children with colds in the first days of sluggish , tired, a little sad and become irritable . Usually mites or becomes clogged nose , soreness in the throat and ears. However, mild cough and fever may be mentioned from time to time . Runny nose before are usually colorless and transparent , a few days after taking the thick color may turn yellow or green . As well as secondary bacteria may aggravate inflammation. Throat and nasal irritation , nasal congestion, mild fever are the symptoms first , sneezing, watery nasal discharge, sore throat, loss of appetite, headache, ear pain, cough could be. Contamination with airborne droplets of respiratory or handshake, direct contact such as kissing happens with . Symptoms of the disease begins in 24-72 hours . The recovery period lasts 10-14 days . Blood test, a throat culture or radiological ie sinus film studies will be asked , \"he said .
\" in CHILDREN Flu FLU TREATMENT compelled by ANTIBIOTICS SHOULD NOT BE USED \"Photo Small children or fever in any age group or cold arose colds findings that there is no deterioration if indicating that the objectionable the use of antibiotics , Dr. Dural is the cause of this disease is not bacteria , said it was a virus. Dr. Dural , \"because it developed resistance and can not be used any more that antibiotics in bacteria , this is a great the problem is . Because I am again , bacteria are not viruses that cause these diseases. Bacteria can be added on top of the virus in very young infants . But at this stage should be given to drugs prescribed by a physician . 6 month old baby with a cold or when these findings should be taken to a doctor in the lead. Because sometimes complications otitis, sinusitis, pneumonia can cause diseases such as undesirable . Other than that there is no place in the group of antibiotics , \"he said .

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