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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:44

Employee at Habur Border Gate Two good news from the Deputy Minister

Employee at Habur Border Gate Two good news from the Deputy Minister
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Office Officer-Sen committee with a view to the Customs and Trade Deputy Minister Fatih text, Habur Border Housing Administration Presidency agreed that they and the commute to the said border crossings often stony sticks attacked the Ministry employees armored service to meet the Gate personnel working in housing need gave the good news will be assigned vehicle.

Şırnak news: Photo Office Officer-Sen Chairman Ugur Unal and his accompanying delegation , Deputy Minister of Customs and Trade Fatih Metin A , the Habur Border Gate involved in ministry employee who has met the challenges facing the working environment. Deputy Minister Fatih during a meeting in the text of the authorities , as a union, Khabur border gate of sensitivity to the problems of personnel , indicating that the highest level of Office Officer-Sen Chairman Unal , \"the Khabur border personnel working in the gate to meet the housing needs of Habr'a go while we want to frequent stone sticks attacked by ministry employees allocating armored service vehicle , \"he said .
soon precautions and tell the to-do Customs and Trade Deputy Minister Fatih the text, \"our ministry , the personnel at the gate said border Housing Development Administration by making the necessary initiatives need for housing has been agreed with the Presidency . in this context, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 lodgings of as soon as possible , it is my duty would like to give the information to be made ​​available to the staff. in new housing to be made , the building of perimeter security by high walls and will be provided with professional security camera . on the other hand private security guards will also work in these lodgings for 24 hours. Thus, security personnel will be increased to the highest level. Again, the journey to Habur'a with staff service vehicles often incurring the stone sticks attack , our Ministry will be sent to the area of these tools within 2-3 months has initiated the necessary work to get the armored service vehicles and staff redundant information of the future go to work with these tools I want to give to you \"spoke . in a Photo Interview Office Officer-Sen Chairman Ugur Ünalan , Managing Vice President Qutbaddine Aydin , Ankara No. 11 Özcan Erhu branch president , managing branch Aytekin was accompanied stone and Emine Yıldırım .

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