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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:40

Coal Mines in Şırnak the Acari Related Description

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Coal Production and Marketing Cooperative Chairman Faisal Sirnak Open , tangible and intangible , he said affected employees by bringing coal from the coal mine in the city of Sirnak in Kütahya.

Şırnak news: Photo Cooperative building in the Open press release , said that since the 28 provinces of the coal requirements are met from coal mines in Sirnak 50 years . Kütahya Sirnak from Tavşanlı county coal Open record would be , \"only 9 provinces of the Social Solidarity Fund last 10 years, coal continues to meet the Sirnak . Of some mercenary firm in 2014 as a result have put great efforts on the prohibition of Sirnak coal, Şırnak coal requirement is intended to even meet the Kütahya Tavşanlı \"he said. Photo Kütahya coal in the stove where the arrival of Sirnak and employees of the material and will be affected in the spiritual sense that hungry , \"Kütahya coal from the moment he brought to the Şırnak, coal mines and employees will be affected in the sense that too financially and spiritually. the end of the mine , it means the end of the Sirnak . Şırnak for being in this situation as we Sirnak Coal Production and Marketing Cooperative, we will use until the end of all our democratic rights stating, all non-governmental organizations , Şırnak and political we urge the parties to be sensitive to this issue, \"he said.

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