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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 20:58

Cizrespor Kura Welcomes

Cizrespor Kura Welcomes
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Turkey Football Federation Amateur Football League ( BAL) is Cizresp team and Agriculture, Turkey Cup , the first amateur football teams remaining in the group , Torque Konyaspor H group , matched with Chelsea and Giresunspor .

Şırnak news: Photo Ziraat Turkey Cup , the first amateur football team showing success remain the group Cizrespor , Hasan Dogan National Team in Camp and Training Center Orhan Saka Hall with the participation of 32 clubs Turkey Cup group draw fell into the H group , super league teams Torque konyaspor , matched with Chelsea and PTT 1st league team Giresunspor . Cizrespor coach John Unal, the lottery held today Fenerbahce, they want to match with a team like Galatasaray and Besiktas but said they fell into a good group . In statements to reporters about a Photo Kura shooting Cizrespor coach John Unal, \"Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas a team to pull Cizre people we want to izlettirmek this team here like , but have not suffered . Still, you get a get Chelsea Torque Konyaspor them from the super league of the eminent team . We will reveal the struggle our field catching hand. everything we can as Cizrespor Football Club of doing this, we were able to stay with the group . our aim is to reach the championship in our group. we believe we have done everything we can. by doing everything we go hands on then the group match , he came here with Cizrespor the chance I'll show the whole community , \"he said . in a Photo group two super league one also stated that PTT 1st league team Unal, \"when you look at them in terms they see us as the weakest link. However Cizrespor everyone will see that weak link. Our only disadvantage because we match penalty football federation has given us our own field oynayamama . Matches own our area had played , one of the ambitious teams in the group would be we , \"he said . Photo Cizre last played Goztepe match Touching Unal ,\"We went to win the match and we got the result we wanted in the Goztepe match . Incidents and disclosures were overshadowed our success. We did not want it to be something like that. No hardship not experienced in the field as well . Goztepe of the convoy team off the field and was greeted by a board of directors. But I want to say very regretfully Goztepe when leaving ; They accuse us with a very ugly word , and we regret it very much. I wish it had not come to our events even more honest behaved myself , \"he said .

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