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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:31

Cizre Tso delegation held talks Habur Border Gate

Cizre Tso delegation held talks Habur Border Gate
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Cizre Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation found Silopi observations in the Khabur border gate near the town .

Şırnak news:
Cizre Chamber of Commerce (TSO ) Chairman Suleyman Çağlı and his board members visited the Habur Border Gate , Şırnak Deputy Governor and Habur territorial governor Ali Arikan, Silk Road Customs and Trade, Regional Director Mehmet Tuncay Bayraktar and Habr met with Police Chief Ercan Peksoy . Boundaries within you observations in Habur Border Gate Habur territorial governor , Customs and Trade Manager by visiting the Habr Cizre Police Chief TSO President Süleyman Cagli ; Habur Border get information about waiting times experienced in the gate , to minimize the problems in customs and that they strive to be resolved in consultation with such problems as soon as they expressed the opinion to dispose of these problems . 7 neighbors of Turkey, indicating there Çağlı opened a total of 25 land border country , said 18 of them are working actively. Cagli , with the number of vehicles a passenger entrances and exits of land borders according to the export and import ratio noted that far from meeting the needs of the bridge in the first place field Habur Border Gate .
\" HAB is Bioethanol is FACTORY \"the lifeblood of
Çağlı Khabur region, indicating that the factory chimney ; \"Habur Border Gate is not only of the country it is clear that one of the most important border crossing . To remedy the problems here is that current Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Şerafettin Apostle Airport in the official opening attended during the inauguration , we expressed in the report we pass and the consequent the scope of Iraq made ​​by the government High Level Strategic Cooperation Council Meeting of Ovaköy and Şinova in two customs gates made ​​of agreement 3. the construction of the bridge work has started on . But improving physical infrastructure , above all , technological infrastructure to the renewal of systems and , most importantly, as soon as the alternative border crossings must be implemented , \"he said .
\"TURKEY'< strong> tHE 2023 TARGET ; EXPORT is 500 BILLION to derive \"
Silk Road Customs and Trade the Regional Director Mehmet Tuncay Bayraktar said that Turkey's 2023 targets. Bayraktar, \"Target , exports of our is to pull $ 500 billion . In parallel, the Customs and the Ministry of Commerce of the most important actors in this process , I spent a structuring process. Developments in Customs is very important for Turkey. This is to Habur Border Over the door of the projects will be implemented related to standby not to be . I have been going meticulously our best efforts . in this context, input home from Iraq for 6 entries from Turkey to Iraq, we are working hard to reduce working hours to 12 hours , \"he said .

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