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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:45

15 Displaced Children Circumcision in Şırnak

15 Displaced Children Circumcision in Şırnak
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Sirnak the organization held by the Police Department was 15 infant circumcision .

Şırnak news: Photo Şırnak Police Department Community Policing Branch by a support circumcision ceremony was held today from 15 children to a hotel in the scope of Sirnak Tomorrow Project. The ceremony Sirnak Governor Hasan Ipek , 23 Gendarmerie Border Division Commander Major General Abdullah Bays , M. Akif Dönertaş Public Prosecutor , Sirnak University Rector Dr. Ali Oxbow , children, families participated in many corporate managers with . Photo speaking here Sirnak Governor Hasan Ipek , their children of the President and the Syrian government in Syria , the killing of children per barrel bomb their own citizens , beautiful moments of the Republic of Turkey citizens who Şırnaklılar of children said he lived . Governor Silk , \"Dear children, today you are no longer a man. You take the first step into manhood , good luck . You can see in Sirnak province, the Provincial our Police Department , police forces and gendarmerie , so intense program among so intense security struggle with these types of social events really can take the time they have prepared a really nice program. Here is what the Republic of Turkey , how is a state of the Republic of Turkey , we can see the events we've done. because they were our neighbors , President and Syrian state their children in Syria , the barrel of the children of its citizens the killing with bombs , though our neighbor more than 1 million Iraqi people , including a child their 10 percent , internal turmoil and war in killed again Kurdish , 95 percent , 90 percent of Turkey's population of Sirnak province in our Police Force , and Turkey'y , while struggling with a relentless struggle to mix , but also the children of citizens of the Republic of Turkey Şırnaklılar which is lived in such beautiful moments . That is the state of being , that is what the people love , that true freedom , this is real democracy. Circumcision , 2 means , as you know . The first means that our Prophet (saas ) advised us to do the things that means the acquisition of merit . Indeed these deeds , this process is that it is circumcision of the name when this is done how blessed what a beautiful thing it is, and the Turks is to show how important circumcision in this area indicates that you care about what the Muslims. In this region, children often are circumcised at birth , at age 15, childrens us in this our chief of police, I thank you because those are circumcised child . Everyone would like to thank , respect, and I offer my love , \"he said . The Photo Şırnak Provincial Police Director Jesus Aydoğdu , \"This day the province through community-supported branch manager of our Police Department , 15 small fry our circumcision project which was jointly carried out by our Provincial Health Directorate we have compiled the ceremony. Şırnak, day and night for our peace and security are delighted to be working devotedly . Organizations in cooperation between bitter and sweet days make our people as we strive to be together as much as possible with social activities and cultural events at the end , \"he said . After the circumcision ceremony was held
speech .


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